Hunstanton 30/07-31/07

Seeing as I am heading off to university in just over a month (scary), I decided that this summer had to be as busy as possible so that I could fit in everything I wanted to do. This comprises of festivals, coffee with friends, house parties, volunteering, Ballet summer classes, results day (help), birthday parties, shopping etc. etc. etc., which all sounds amazing until my family angrily reminded me that this left me very little time to spend with them. So we decided to head up to Hunstanton for the weekend and stay in a hotel right next to the beach!

After many failed plans for holidays abroad with friends, I was slightly sceptical as to how exciting a weekend in Hunstanton would be; after all it’s no Venice Beach and there is definitely no Eiffel Tower. However, it turned out to be a really lovely two days away from the four walls of my house that I have been staring at ever since exams finished in mid-June.

On the first day, we walked along the beach from our hotel to Old Hunstanton, which is a really traditional, British seaside town with little bucket-and-spade shops and pretty cobbled pavements. Naturally when we got there, after a walk that was longer than we expected, we stopped off in Costa to get some lunch (as that is definitely the first place you head to in a traditional village!), before having a look round all of the shops. There happened to be some sort of spiritual exhibition/fair going on in the Town Hall that day, which we went round as my Dad is interested in that kind of thing, where you could get massages, spiritual readings or buy some jewellery made from different types of crystals and stones. I bought a little silver bangle that has the tree of life on it because I thought it was pretty and, for me, holds a lot of positive meaning. After this, we bought ice creams and sat on a bench in front of the sea, just enjoying the sun and the sea air, before starting the fairly long walk back along the coast.

Whilst that was all lovely, my absolute favourite thing about the first day, and the whole trip, was watching the sunset on the beach. My trustworthy IPhone weather app informed me that the sun was to set at 20:54pm and so after eating dinner, we set out along the sand at 20:30 to wait for the sun. Already it was fairly low in the sky and the clouds were turning a slight pink colour so we knew we didn’t have too long to wait. At this time of day/evening, the tide is right out and so we were able to walk for miles along the beach before we even came close to the sea. It was quite windy, but it was one of those warm, evening winds that I love, and there were only a couple of other people on the beach with us, so everything was really peaceful and calm. We watched as the sun gradually got lower and lower, before it was eventually ‘touching’ the sea, making sure to take lots of photos (my sister ended up taking 200 somehow!!). The sky was now a mixture of reds, pinks, yellows and oranges and it was like nothing I had ever seen before; seeing the sunset on the beach has always been on my bucket list and so it was amazing to actually be standing there witnessing it all. The second the clock on my phone changed to 20:54, the sun completely slipped below the horizon and all that was left were some glowing embers in the place it had been. It was incredible to look at the sky and not see the sun anymore, as well as being slightly strange to think that in a few minutes, people on the other side of the world would be watching it reappear. I loved every moment of it and it was so nice to experience it for the first time alongside my Mum, Dad and sister.

On the second day, we drove to Cromer where we walked along the pier and then across the beach to collect some shells and stones. Cromer beach is also really lovely and there were hundreds of people sunbathing or swimming in the sea, as well as wandering through the streets. It was here that I found, and had a picture in front of, the bright yellow wall because yellow is my favourite colour and it made me happy to look at it! After this, we went to visit my Grandad’s grave where we arranged some of the pretty shells we had collected around it, before driving back home. Despite only being a short trip, I really enjoyed it and it was a lot better than I expected it to be; I also got a lot of really nice photos which I can now take to uni with me and pin up on the wall. Hopefully, we can all go back there again and explore some of the other seaside towns such as Wells, as I think that they would be nice to see too.

The sun just before it disappeared
Me being a typical dancer!
The aftermath of the sun

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