The Best Things about Living in University Halls!

So I am currently in my last week of living on campus in halls of residence at my university and I am beginning to feel quite sad about leaving my cosy little room. As with everything, there are many advantages and disadvantages about living in halls, but I thought I’d tell you all of the reasons I have loved my time on campus this year!

1) No more waking up early for lectures!

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Whilst for some, living on campus could be a disadvantage as you are essentially constantly living next to your lecture theatres, but for me it was a massive plus as there are many perks that come with staying on campus. Firstly, you don’t ever have to factor in more than 10 minutes journey time before any lectures or events, meaning that you can catch up on those extra hours of sleep that you lost whilst dressed up as a cartoon character at last night’s club night. Also, if your friends spontaneously ask you to join them for a late night library sesh or a quick drink in the bar, you can easily be there within five minutes meaning that you no longer have to suffer from FOMO.

2) Never miss your post again

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 22.17.56

All of your post gets delivered to your university post room on campus, where they send out an electronic email to let you know when your parcel has arrived, meaning no more waiting around all day only to receive a ‘Sorry we missed you’ delivery card through the door. So for any of you avid shoppers out there (or for anyone who has any off-campus avid shopper friends), be prepared to never miss your (their) Forever 21 or ASOS orders again, but also be prepared to spend lots of money on things you probably don’t need as delivery is hassle-free.

3) Your flat becomes the go-to for pres

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A huge perk of being on campus is that friends tend to want to hang out at your flat meaning that you don’t have to go anywhere for pres or movie nights, yay! This year, I have hosted many a movie night with £2 pizzas from the Student Union shop, along with holding pres for our dance teams; just be ready to clear up the utter rubbish tip that your kitchen has become and to do about 5 loads of washing up the next morning before you can even get to the cupboard to find your weetabix…

4) Everything is in one room

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My university room is ensuite meaning that I have my bed, desk, bathroom and food all in one place- it is absolute heaven for people like me who like having the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want whilst requiring the least amount of effort. If I wanted to, I could literally stay in my room for a whole 24 hours as I keep enough food for 3 basic (very unhealthy) meals under my bed, I have everything I need to do work or to just relax and of course I have my bed for those crucial 4pm naps and 3am bedtimes. It’s not until you come home to your parents’ house during the holidays that you realise just how lazy you can be at uni and how much effort walking up the stairs to bed, or having to walk to the kitchen for food, really is. Sorry Mum, but I’d much rather spend Christmas at uni than have to hike up a flight of stairs just for a nap!

5) You meet so many new people


Living in halls means that you inevitably meet lots of new people, whether they are your flatmates or whether they are people you simply walk past everyday whilst entering the building. I have heard many stories about nightmare flatmates or people just not getting on with who they are living with, however I was really lucky to be in a flat with 11 other lovely flatmates who I have had a lot of fun with this year. Whilst we are not all bffs and we have definitely had our share of flat drama, I would probably have never met any of these people had I not randomly been put in a flat with them all and so I think that living in halls is such a great way to learn how to get on with a wide variety of people. They have made my university experience a lot more fun, and certainly a lot more interesting, and I am going to miss our flat next year when we all move into our separate houses.

6) Your cleaning is done for you!

Image result for cleaner kitchen

Because you are living in halls, each flat is assigned a cleaner who will clean your kitchen areas and bathrooms for you, no matter how dirty they may be (but don’t even think about leaving your pans on the side as you will be facing a fine at the end of the year…). This is great when other people have blocked the sink with bits of pasta and sweetcorn that missed the sieve, or when one of your flatmates ends up spilling a whole glass of cider on the floor so that your slippers (or even worse, your socks) get stuck every time you enter the kitchen. You also don’t have to worry about taking the bins out or fishing the hair out of your shower drain which is a definite luxury. The only downside to having a cleaner is that they enter your room at 9am everyday to empty your bin no matter what, whether you are asleep, in a lecture or casually strolling around your room naked after a shower.

Despite the obvious cons of living in halls, such as the constant noise from your own or neighbouring flats having pres before a night out (or simply when your flatmates form a habit of screaming or shouting things in a high pitched voice EVERY time they leave their room), the utter state that your kitchen is in just hours after it has been cleaned or when someone decides to set the fire alarm off at midnight, I have had the best time living in my flat and I would do it all over again if I could. I am really going to miss being in halls over the summer and the non-stop buzz of being on campus but hopefully living in a house next year will be just as fun! For now though, I am going to enjoy every last moment of living in my little room that I have come to love ❤


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